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Spanish is one of the most widely spoken language in the entire world. Every year thousands of Spanish speaking students fill up schools and academies in their homelands or abroad to develop their English skills. Most students who want to step up in their learning experience sail away to the United Kingdom, the cradle of the English language, and land ashore to face a great challenge. 

Learning English in the United Kingdom is always an amazing and very useful experience, if you find the right school and the right place. You are surounded by English all day and night, and therefore you are forced to practicing and pushing your own limits. It is very enriching and every person who wants to embrace the English culture should do it at some point of their lives.

However, being at a foreign country with a different language and a different culture is also somehow hard. You can find yourself alone and lost if you don't have the right group. That is why you should look up for an environment where there are people of your same culture, so you can understand each other and share some great time. 


Make friends and have a great time

Be a part of our Spanish/English speaking community!


The purpose of the National Guild for Learning is not only to constitute a fully equipped English academy with the best teachers and the most accessible course fees. We wanted to create a friendly community for all our students to fell comfortable and in great company. We understand how important it is to make new friends with which to share your learning experience and your everyday life. Here in the UK things can be difficult, but if you have people by your side to support you, everything instantly gets easier.

Forget about poorly arranged hostels or excessively expensive rental rooms. At the National Guild for Learning, our students have a place to eat, sleep and spend their free time. We have nice dorms and fully equipped facilities for you to feel like home. Here, small groups of people can learn and live together and help each other to learn quicker. You can be sure that, whoever you are and whenever you need it, you will have a friendly helping hand.


Call us now to learn more about how to become a part of the National Guild for Learning's community!


If you are a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn and perfectionate your skills with the English language, this is the place for you. You will find all you need: a top quality academy, a friendly group of mates, and a great place to live. Call us now on the number displayed on top of the page or write to us using our contact form. We will be glad to have you in our classrooms and give you all you need to take off in the world of English!

We speak English and Spanish. / Hablamos espanol e ingles.

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